Wednesday, April 27, 2011

#30Lists big news!

Thanks so much for being a part of our 30 Days of Lists project! We have been so grateful for your support and enthusiasm....

We have 2 BIG pieces of news for you today!

There is a NEW 30 Days of Lists website!

Update your bookmarks and RSS subscriptions.... All new updates and details will be posted at .. .. We're so thrilled to have this new URL and site going forward. Make sure you take a look!

and .... now what you've all been waiting for!

Save the date!

The next 30 Days of Lists project will start September 1, 2011!!

Start your pen-collecting, gathering of blank pages and technique brainstorming!

Details to come, so continue to watch your email (and the new 30 Days of Lists website)


We'd love to consider some of YOUR ideas for list prompts in September - send us your best!

Send your ideas to - We won't be able to use everyone's prompt ideas THIS time, but we look forward to what you all think...

Thanks again so much for being part of this amazing project! We're so impressed by your work every day...


30 Days of Lists is a collaboration between Kam of Campfire Chic, Amy of Lemon and Raspberry and Justine of A New Beginning.


Campfire Chic said...

I'm excited for things to come!

Moe said...

this is so exciting! I've been wondering what to do with the rest of the pages in my notebook! woo hoo!!

lenoracle said...

Appreciate the update!

Shannon said...

Will the next round be the same prompts, or will it be all new ideas?

Jen said...

Eeks! I can't wait!

Ana Degenaar said...

I'm a newbie here and I am loving it!
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