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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Your take: List #5

How's your weekend going? Was today's list prompt easy? or difficult?

I like to write to-do lists every day, so today's prompt was EASY easy easy for me :)

I love seeing what the rest of you are doing this weekend .... The range and creativity is fantastic!

Love you ALL!

by junior - from his blog not flickr group

List #5
by katiebuggirl219

List #5 - Weekend Goals
by Dolly Wog

by Jewls82

30 Days of Lists (day five!)
by atlanticatlantis

march 5 weekend goals list
by Michelle120269

Make sure you check out the flickr group and the comments of today's list! 5 lists down - only 25 to go!

List 5: Weekend Goals

I hope you're having a great weekend! I do want to welcome any recent additions to our group, I think you'll like it here :)

If you're interested in learning more about the other people who accepted this challenge, check out the discussion board on the 30 Days of Lists Flickr group.  There, you can introduce yourself, check out the albums/notebooks from other listers, and comment on the awesome pages going up! Some listers are posting their blog urls, this would be a great time to check those out and meet new friends!

List 5: Weekend Goals

For this page, I used a paint chip sample I snagged from the hardware store. These goals are my goals every weekend.

I'm currently in Las Vegas celebrating my baby bother's 21st birthday, so I guess I should add to this list:
  • take plenty of photos of my brother doing silly things
  • don't get lost on the strip
  • see the sun rise
  • get a ludicrously large beverage shaped like one of the casinos
  • find a cool magnet
  • buy lost of postcards
What are you goals for the weekend?

Friday, March 4, 2011

Your take on list #4

I think Fridays - the lead in to the weekend - are the perfect time to remember and appreciate all the music we listen to ...

Here are some of the fun and creative Today's Playlist versions from you all ...

I am LOVING all of the different methods you're taking to list. And LOVING all the honesty with this little snapshot of your lives..

Ex: Chris is blogging her lists (screenshot below) .... and for today's list she was quite resigned to the fact that she has no real choice over her playlist with a little one running around :)

I can imagine her kids taking a look at this when they're older, grateful for this little sign of how much they're loved.....

by Chris

day4 > Jessi
by Jessi from sparrows-and-arrows

This next list was made on the Notes problem from her iPhone - proof that this is really just about working with what you have:

.my soundtrack
by knitpinkie

I love this next one ... her whole set is gorgeous!

30 Days Of Lists; Today's Playlist
by mushab00m
I also love this entry by mollykiely (but it's not shareable, so you'll have to go to her flickr site to see it!)

I think I might check out some of your music that you've been listening to!

Thanks everyone for participating - and as always check out everyone else's work in the comments or in the 30 Days of Lists flickr group!

List 4: Today's Playlist

Day 4! Happy Friday!

For today's list prompt, pay attention to what you're LISTENING to throughout the day (or plan on listening to)

List 4: Today's Playlist

I have a couple things I listen to ALL THE TIME .... and then on top of that I'm on a pop music kick.

I'm not exactly known for my cutting-edge taste in music :)

30lists  002

As I mentioned when showing y'all my book of lists, I'm using a 7x9" 3 ring binder, with the half-page minimal theme from the 30 Days of Lists pdf downloads.

The image posted here is the cover art for the musical soundtrack to In The Heights - which I literally listen to all the time. ALL the time.

Text reads:

In the Heights soundtrack - ALWAYS, Stuff You Should Know podcast, Amy Winehouse, CeeLo Green's 'F*ck You', Barenaked Ladies, Kanye's 'Monster', Lady Gaga

What are you listening to today?

Please head on over to the 30 Days of Lists Flickr group to see what other participants' have come up with and add your own list!

Amy T Schubert blogs about tips and inspiration for creative people at Lemon and Raspberry. Follow her on Twitter or sign up for the L&R Newsletter for more!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Your Take on List # 3

Wow, every time I log onto Flickr I am so happy. You guys are incredible, last time I checked there were 212 photos!! 212?! In 3 days?! Amazing. I love how after I posted this, I noticed a lot of them say "Harry Potter part 2! That makes my heart happy! Fellow nerds unite <3. 

Here are some roundups! 

Once again, thanks so much for tagging along with us on this project, scrolling through your blogs and reading your posts and seeing your excitements makes all this so worth it! I am going to be sad at the end of the month! Also, I love reading your replies to the topics Amy and Kam have posted in our flickr community! 

List 3: I Am Looking Forward to...

Good Morning fellow list fanatics, Justine here, I hope you are having as much fun as I am making these lists! Todays prompt was especially fun for me because I love love love looking forward to things, do you now what I mean?

My list includes:
*Going overseas
*being married one day
*finishing school
*writing an e-book
*getting better at Arabic
*paying off my CC debt
*HARRY POTTER part 2! :)

I hope you all upload your photos of this page to our flickr because I love seeing what people are looking forward to/future plans etc. 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Your Take on List #2

There are over 115 members of the Flickr group page, my head is swimming with how great this has been so far! I wasn't expecting such a huge turnout when I first contacted Amy and Justine to partner with me on this challenge.

I think Backporchmoon said it best: "...and reading all of yours i feel like i've stumbled into a long-lost sisterhood of awesome." 

You are all amazingly talented, complex, funny, honest, and inspiring!

Here are a few lists I found on the Flickr page this morning. 
I'm working on seeing the ones you posted on your blogs :]

A community has already started on the Flickr page, I encourage you to jump on board and join the conversations in the discussion board and on the photos. If you are posting your photo, expect a comment from me :) It is great reading how some of you found this project. I love how it went mini-viral!

Justine is up tomorrow, I think you'll like the next prompt :)

List 2: Things I'm Good At

It may not be grammatically correct, but this is a good time to remind ourselves of things in which we happen to excel (see what I did there?).

Prompt 2: Things I'm Good At

So a story behind this...

I was working on this page late one night and thought it would be funny to be a little too honest with myself. About a week later, Amy, Justine, and I divided up the days we would post our finished lists...and I laughed when I found out I would be sharing this this particular list first! 

Do you have a story behind any of the things you are 
going at doing/creating? I'd love to hear it!

P.S. Be sure to post a photo of your lists and your notebook/whatever is keeping your lists together on the group Flickr page, and if you blog about it, share a link in the comments section below!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

List 1: A Few Things About Yourself

Welcome welcome welcome!

Today is the first day of our 30 Days of Lists journaling challenge .... and we thought we'd start out nice and easy with a simple prompt

List 1: A few things about yourself

I happen to keep my About page on Lemon and Raspberry in a rough list form.... It's always fun to think about all the hats you wear! Remind yourself you are more than a wife and mother. Remind yourself that your corporate persona is just a piece of you.

Today, make a list of a few things about yourself.

30lists  001

As I mentioned when showing y'all my book of lists, I'm using a 7x9" 3 ring binder, with the half-page minimal theme from the 30 Days of Lists pdf downloads

I've got 1 prompt per half-page (not back-to-back) so I have room to post a photo for some of the prompts. Not all prompts will have an image, and none of the images will have any more embellishment than what you see above.

Simple, easy. Minimal.

For me, the list content is the focus.

In case my handwriting is illegible (probably), the text reads:

Wife, sister, daughter, friend, reader, writer, photographer, blogger, Netflix subscriber, procrastinator, planner, crafter, scrapbooker, traveler, cook, English major

Even with adhering the photo, this list prompt took me far less than 10 minutes.


We can't wait to see what you guys list about yourself! Please head on over to the 30 Days of Lists Flickr group to see what other participants' have come up with and add your own list!

Amy T Schubert blogs about tips and inspiration for creative people at Lemon and Raspberry. Follow her on Twitter or sign up for the L&R Newsletter for more!

Monday, February 28, 2011


Yes, that blog post title is in all caps.... Know why? Because we are EXCITED!

Excited about all the lists we're going to complete this month! Excited to show you some other fun stuff we have planned in March! Excited that SO MANY OF YOU are taking part in our fun little challenge!

And it's already started .....

(If you are new to 30 Days of Lists and want a quick overview, check out the about page info here)

The flickr group for 30 Days of Lists is hopping!

Head on over there to leave an introduction, see what other participants have up their sleeves for their book-of-lists and get inspirations for your own!


The 30 Days of Lists downloadable pdfs will remain available throughout the month.

Remember, you can get ALL the list prompts ahead of time with the downloadable pdfs. Perfect for if you know you'll be too busy one day to come see the the prompt but still want to make your list for the day.

Quite a few of you have already downloaded yours - and I can't wait to see which theme you use for your lists!


As mentioned, we're going to TRY to reblog your lists here on the *afternoon* of the prompt. Which means make sure you add your list to the flickr group as soon as you can!

Already submitted are some adorable - and varied - versions of books and covers for the list collection. You guys are amazing and so creative!

Below are some of the books that were in the flickr group by Sunday morning .... In no particular order ....

(*note* - If you don't have sharing settings set up on your flickr account we won't be able to reblog your lists. Double check your settings if you want your work shared here on the blog)

by breannm:

30 Days of Lists

by *.*MaRLeNe*.*:

30 days of lists album

And finally:

We want to give a big ol' THANK YOU to all of you who are help spreading the word!

You do NOT have to be one of the sponsors (in the left sidebar) to blog about this project, and we very very much appreciate all of you who are excited enough about it to tell your friends!

Below is a collection of the posts I have found and come across so far. Thank you to ALL of you! If I missed you, or if you blog about it later please be sure to leave your link in the comments below.....

Thank you to (in no particular order)