Monday, February 28, 2011


Yes, that blog post title is in all caps.... Know why? Because we are EXCITED!

Excited about all the lists we're going to complete this month! Excited to show you some other fun stuff we have planned in March! Excited that SO MANY OF YOU are taking part in our fun little challenge!

And it's already started .....

(If you are new to 30 Days of Lists and want a quick overview, check out the about page info here)

The flickr group for 30 Days of Lists is hopping!

Head on over there to leave an introduction, see what other participants have up their sleeves for their book-of-lists and get inspirations for your own!


The 30 Days of Lists downloadable pdfs will remain available throughout the month.

Remember, you can get ALL the list prompts ahead of time with the downloadable pdfs. Perfect for if you know you'll be too busy one day to come see the the prompt but still want to make your list for the day.

Quite a few of you have already downloaded yours - and I can't wait to see which theme you use for your lists!


As mentioned, we're going to TRY to reblog your lists here on the *afternoon* of the prompt. Which means make sure you add your list to the flickr group as soon as you can!

Already submitted are some adorable - and varied - versions of books and covers for the list collection. You guys are amazing and so creative!

Below are some of the books that were in the flickr group by Sunday morning .... In no particular order ....

(*note* - If you don't have sharing settings set up on your flickr account we won't be able to reblog your lists. Double check your settings if you want your work shared here on the blog)

by breannm:

30 Days of Lists

by *.*MaRLeNe*.*:

30 days of lists album

And finally:

We want to give a big ol' THANK YOU to all of you who are help spreading the word!

You do NOT have to be one of the sponsors (in the left sidebar) to blog about this project, and we very very much appreciate all of you who are excited enough about it to tell your friends!

Below is a collection of the posts I have found and come across so far. Thank you to ALL of you! If I missed you, or if you blog about it later please be sure to leave your link in the comments below.....

Thank you to (in no particular order)


Veronica said...

Yikes, today is the 28th! I need to get my list book together!!! I had plans to do it this weekend, but the weekend got a little crazy and it just didn't happen... this afternoon, for sure!

Can't wait to get started!!

Little Red Emo Hood said...

Awesome times, well excited, I cannot wait to get on this.

I think my flickr will let people steal my photos, I'm new to it tho :s Just checked and seems to be cool :D

Anonymous said...

I am so pumped to get started! I'll be maniacally crafting today!

This Girl's Life said...

Yay! Super duper excited! Just uploaded my cover photos. Can't wait to see what you guys come up with!

Mandy said...

Got my journal readied!

I also posted about the project:

shawnacy said...

making the book today! how fun :)

i got the button, and my little post about the project is at

looking forward to this month of listy abandon!

Trysha said...

I'm super excited! I just uploaded my book and blogged about it in my weekly wrap-up (I was super late blogging my wrap-up)

I'm looking forward to jump starting my creativity again.

camille yanair said...

i'm so so excited about this!!

<3 <3

cuppy said...

I *just* found out about this earlier today thanks to Mandy from Chocolate & Cream Cake! I am so stoked to start this tomorrow! I bought the PDF (since I don't currently have a full blank journal to use. I gotta hit Blick!) & will use those sheets this time around. I am really excited! I love love love making lists !!!


French Cannes Cannes said...

Will be checking in over here tomorrow for the first prompt! Mais oui! Ps... It's March 1st in Paris! ;-)

Jessi said...

Took picture of my book today but haven't gotten a chance to post to the flikr group!

Anonymous said...

I'm really looking forward to this ... I have my blog post schedule to go up early tomorrow morning ... bring on the lists!! And I posted by journal pic to the gourp today! :)

Yay List!!
Maegan :)

Anonymous said...

I wrote a blog post here:

Looking forward to starting tomorrow :)

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