Tuesday, March 1, 2011

List 1: your take

If you haven't already, head on over to the 30 Days of Lists flickr group and check out the wide and varied versions of list #1: A Few Things about Yourself

Every single one of you is doing this project in your own unique way .... and that is AMAZING!

I've been reading through your lists and it seems like I have something in common with each and every one of you ....

Here are just a small handful of examples of your take on List 1:

by Pixie Polly:

List 1

by After Nine to Five:

30 Days Of Lists - Day 1

by Pamplemousse1983:

by A Snail's Life:

30 Days of Lists: Day 1

by mandyacurtis:


Thanks so much for sharing a few things about yourself, ladies!!

**note** This is just the first 5 participants who uploaded their list this morning. We will try to feature as many of you all as we can throughout the month!


justine. said...

@a snails life--I love the use of the paint chips! LOVE.

Kami said...

Love seeing all the different styles

shannon*bear said...

Oh snap these all look SO great!

Lauren said...

love them all!

Laura said...

It's like I am meeting new people through their art. @ Justine: thanks I happen to be painting something and had those left over. I have a small place in my heart for paint chips.

Mandy said...

Cheers! This project is off to a great start.

French Cannes Cannes said...

First day of lists!!! woo hooooo- I'm blogging my lists - voila!!

Campfire Chic said...

French Cannes Cannes, thanks for leaving a link on here to your post! I hope we see more from others :)

diane said...

hooray for day one...i love seeing these lists!

i just spent some time over at the flickr group, and i think it's so fascinating to see the same prompt interpreted by each unique person.

here's my post + list.

Wyld Jane.. said...

Wahoo ! what fun . I'm joining in too xx
http://arlenkern74.blogspot.com/ Thanks what a great idea x

Unknown said...

hey there! i'm renee and a new follower! just thought i'd comment to say hello and tell you how much i love your blog!

feel free to do the same haha http://www.babygeisler.blogspot.com

Chris said...

The paint chip idea is SOOO awesome! I may need to steal that one!


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