Friday, March 11, 2011

List 11: Date Night Ideas

For today's list, start brainstorming some DATE NIGHT Ideas!!

It is Friday, after all...... :)

We do NOT mean only romantic dates (although, that is what I listed below) - Think also about best friend dates, parent-child dates, or by-yourself dates ...

Be creative!

My list happens to be Los Angeles-centric:

30lists  004

As I mentioned when showing y'all my book of lists, I'm using a 7x9" 3 ring binder, with the half-page minimal theme from the 30 Days of Lists pdf downloads.

The IMAGE is from one of our date nights .... On a late Sunday afternoon, my husband and I picked up a pizza to go, grabbed a roll of paper towels and drove out to Malibu for dinner on the beach. There was almost no one there that close to sunset .... It was so peaceful and amazing!

Text reads:
pizza on the beach at sunset, record shopping at a thrift store, coffee and the Getty museum, Annenberg photography center, walk around the neighborhood, cook dinner and Netflix, morning hike followed by Menchies

Please head on over to the 30 Days of Lists Flickr group to see what other participants' have come up with and add your own list!

Amy T Schubert blogs about tips and inspiration for creative people at Lemon and Raspberry and about date nights with her husband at Those Crazy Schuberts. Follow her on Twitter or sign up for the L&R Newsletter for more!


dawn said...

I love your date night, how sweet is that. I love those simple dates, my husband and I did one last May and spent the afternoon walking around our village and getting lunch. I can't tell you enough how fun this list is for me and my girls and family. We are all getting together for a list date in April to read each others and how we liked it. My girls and I are always playing games with lists and they have tons of those q/a quiz books that are fun to fill out about each other. Do you have another idea planned for after this month?? Would love to have another fun project.

Chris said...

It's been soooo long since we've had a date night. Wowsers.

Anonymous said...

Such great date ideas :D

Anonymous said...

We are the masters of the cheap date since we can't afford a real one ;) Here are some of my favorites...

Jana said...

I had so much fun with this one!

Sailor July said...

This was SO fun and we have so many ideas!!! Pizza on the beach sounds lovely. ^_^

Jess said...

Had fun with this one. :)

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