Monday, March 14, 2011

List 14: Thing I love about _____________

Today is a fill in the blank list! It is "Things I love about ___________"
I decided to stick with blogging, since I love it so.

On This List:
1.Meeting new friends.
4.The Honesty
5.The Creativity

It is so fun to see all of your lists in our flickr and reading all your hashtags on twitter!!!


Miss Marple said...

Great challenge, if you like you can see my first list integrated into my daily journal here...

Sailor July said...

Oooo, so excited!!! I plan on doing this as soon as I wake up a wee bit more. ^_^

Unknown said...

Blogged about this list and 30 Days of Lists at my blog:

French Cannes Cannes said...

I had fun with this one!

Kaisha said...

I am a day behind here in Australia. But my entire archive for March is full of these lovely lists. It was so hard to choose with a fill-in-the-blank!!! Here it is so far though :)

Anonymous said...

So many topics to choose from, I went with one fresh on my mind.

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