Monday, March 21, 2011

List 21: Things To Do This SPRING.

You know what I love about the blog world, but find funny? Every time a new season arrives, we all can't WAIT for it to start, its cute. We all get each other excited about everything. Talk about a great support group! I hope you all entered in the giveaway! We have some exciting things plans for the end of this month/project. I am so sad it is almost over. :(

A few things about my list: So, in a few weeks I am going camping with Cal and Kam, so I am super stoked about that. I also am going on the HCG diet next Sunday, so after the initial 3 weeks I hope to start running. THEN, I want to cut off all my hair! Yay! 

What are your biggest goals for this Spring? 
Is there anything you do every Spring? 


Tracy said...

Spring for me means experimenting in the kitchen with any recipe containing fresh fruit. I love the sweet taste of apples and pears this time of year!

Anonymous said...

I have 2 pairs of yellow shoes... They are the best. Have a lovely spring!

Janine said...

Whilst you have headed into Spring, in New Zealand we slipped into Autumn on March 1. I thought I would share what I love about Autumn. The mornings start to get darker and cooler and its time to get the slow cooker out. I love that I can start to wear layered clothing. I love the way the trees around us start to change and loose their leaves.

Unknown said...

I love hearing birds singing every morning!

Anonymous said...

you forgot to add "become an official frogwatcher"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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