Monday, March 7, 2011

List 7: Blog Goals

Well, this is a good topic, because, I think its safe to say we all love blogs. And, theres a big chance a lot of us have blogs, which then means we most likely have a lot of blog goals! Yay! See why I am loving all of these prompts? There are so applicable to my life, I love writing them all down. So, my blog, A New Beginning. It is/was my 3rd blog in a span of a year, I kept deleting my blogs and starting new. But this time, I am keeping myself sane, organized, and I have reasonable blog goals! Here there are:

This list includes:
*Keep her up and running for over a year.
*Finalize a weekly feature.
*Meet some of the incredible ladies!
*Open up design shop again.
*HAVE A BLOG PARTY (before summer).
*Blog 5x a week again.
Don't have a blog? 
Tell us about your writing goals! 
Kam's writing goals:
  • Respond to pen pal letters as soon as I read them
  • Write to my grandmother at least twice a month
  • Master the art of the semicolon
  • Re-read my blog posts for spelling errors, it's happened twice this month!


dawn said...

This is a great one for me, because it's one of my goals this year to do more with my blog. On the other side though my mom and sister and daughters don't have a blog, do you have any last minute or back up lists for them that I could pass along. My blog is at and I just wrote about your 30 days list link. Come check it out if you have time. If you have any ideas for my family you could post it here and I'll come back later and check it out. Thank you so much. This has been fun and I just went out got a bunch of paint chips yesterday to do my lists on. I'm also learning to embrace more color in my life this year so it was a great idea.

Chris said...

Here's my list ( and I also did a recap of my Weekends Goals list -- what I did and didn't get accomplished. :)

Amy T Schubert said...

Good point, Dawn!

This list prompt is really about having goals for your chosen PROJECT.

Maybe House-decorating goals would be good? Or Gardening goals, etc. Or, for your girls, what kind of school, or extracurricular projects do they have?
If I was in high school choir, one of my goals might be 'get a solo by the end of the year' for example.

Think of this as a Choose-Your-Own-Project Goals list prompt

Thanks! Let us know what they decide on!

French Cannes Cannes said...

La Septième Liste...Olé!!

dawn said...

Thanks Amy these are good ideas. I wasn't thinking of it that way so thanks for the help. Will let my family know then get back to you.

Unknown said...

I have mine up! :)

Christine said...

Blogged on my blog because blogging is my blog goal! - thanks for the inspiration!

Unknown said...

What a great new list idea! I totally should come up with some goals...

Alex said...

Really love this prompt. Made me re-evaluate what I am doing with my blog. I have added you guys as a link on my blog.
March Owl

So, happy to be doing all these lists with everyone.

... said...

I LOVE this prompt! I can't wait to write my list & post. I think "discovering who I am" is a goal that I can reach through my blog. That will certainly be on the list.

Great idea!

Anonymous said...

I'm on vacation, but still attempting to get my lists done this week. I've posted lists 5-7 today.

Michelle LaPoint Rydell said...

This is a lot of fun! I just started and I blogged about it here:

Thanks for the inspiration!

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