Saturday, March 5, 2011

Your take: List #5

How's your weekend going? Was today's list prompt easy? or difficult?

I like to write to-do lists every day, so today's prompt was EASY easy easy for me :)

I love seeing what the rest of you are doing this weekend .... The range and creativity is fantastic!

Love you ALL!

by junior - from his blog not flickr group

List #5
by katiebuggirl219

List #5 - Weekend Goals
by Dolly Wog

by Jewls82

30 Days of Lists (day five!)
by atlanticatlantis

march 5 weekend goals list
by Michelle120269

Make sure you check out the flickr group and the comments of today's list! 5 lists down - only 25 to go!


Sarah said...

Aw, thanks for featuring mine. ♥

I loveddd reading everyones lists for today's prompt. It's fun to see the different priorities. :)

angelina la dawn said...

people are on top of this list! i need to get mine done sooner...can't wait for tomorrow's!

katie said...

these are all lovely!! Thanks for including mine. :)

Bridget said...

I am having a total blast doing this challenge!

I posted my first week recap on my blog!

Unknown said...

I'm failing a little lol! BUT I did manage to finally get my book up today, and I will have all of my first week lists up tomorrow :) I really love this challenge, it's giving me a bit of *me* to do everyday and I need it!

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