Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Your Take on List #2

There are over 115 members of the Flickr group page, my head is swimming with how great this has been so far! I wasn't expecting such a huge turnout when I first contacted Amy and Justine to partner with me on this challenge.

I think Backporchmoon said it best: "...and reading all of yours i feel like i've stumbled into a long-lost sisterhood of awesome." 

You are all amazingly talented, complex, funny, honest, and inspiring!

Here are a few lists I found on the Flickr page this morning. 
I'm working on seeing the ones you posted on your blogs :]

A community has already started on the Flickr page, I encourage you to jump on board and join the conversations in the discussion board and on the photos. If you are posting your photo, expect a comment from me :) It is great reading how some of you found this project. I love how it went mini-viral!

Justine is up tomorrow, I think you'll like the next prompt :)


PuNk rAwK pUrL said...

it totally blew my mind when a couple of my flickr friends (who don't blog or tweet) decided to jump in. I had a feeling this was going get big! YAY!

Anonymous said...

I'm not doing a tangible list but rather a list-a-day on my blog to rekindle my joy in blogging. Thanks ladies!

Click on my name to stop by and check out my lists.

justine. said...

That first one is soooo pretty! I love the changing my mind post its!

shawnacy said...

aw, thanks for the quote! this is such an amazing-fun project.

Victoria Rosas said...

I'm really loving this project :3

diane said...

thank you for this project! it's a burst of fun that i really needed after a gloomy february.

i am collecting my lists here.

dawn said...

I am having fun reading everyone's list. So happy to find your blog and such a cool idea this is. I'm not sure how to use flickr but might post some of my lists on my blog. So far just writing it in a notebook till I go to the store to buy a special one. My daughters are loving this and writing tons on their pages. I just told my mom and sister about this and they are doing it with us. Love it when the family becomes involved in projects together. Thanks again for sharing this with us.

Chris said...

So incredible to see everyone's takes on the list. I've voted for just doing it on my blog at the moment since I only found you guys on Feb. 28th. But I love that it's getting me to blog early in the day!

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