Friday, March 4, 2011

Your take on list #4

I think Fridays - the lead in to the weekend - are the perfect time to remember and appreciate all the music we listen to ...

Here are some of the fun and creative Today's Playlist versions from you all ...

I am LOVING all of the different methods you're taking to list. And LOVING all the honesty with this little snapshot of your lives..

Ex: Chris is blogging her lists (screenshot below) .... and for today's list she was quite resigned to the fact that she has no real choice over her playlist with a little one running around :)

I can imagine her kids taking a look at this when they're older, grateful for this little sign of how much they're loved.....

by Chris

day4 > Jessi
by Jessi from sparrows-and-arrows

This next list was made on the Notes problem from her iPhone - proof that this is really just about working with what you have:

.my soundtrack
by knitpinkie

I love this next one ... her whole set is gorgeous!

30 Days Of Lists; Today's Playlist
by mushab00m
I also love this entry by mollykiely (but it's not shareable, so you'll have to go to her flickr site to see it!)

I think I might check out some of your music that you've been listening to!

Thanks everyone for participating - and as always check out everyone else's work in the comments or in the 30 Days of Lists flickr group!


Unknown said...

I'm loving the creative ones. Maybe I should bust out the stickers or something for mine :)

Mandy said...

I'm feeling the lack of illustration on mine too!

(I blogged about the first four lists today:

mollykiely said...

...thanks for the link! I just allowed "sharing" -- I didn't realize my photos weren't set to do that.

I'm loving this project -- so glad I heard about it!

Anonymous said...

I am enjoying the lists so far! I have to admit this one is hard for me. I am not sure what to include...

snakesayan said...

I love these challenges!!

Check my Playlist Challenge out please! Im sure you guys will like it.

Chris said...

Thanks for linking mine!

Jessi said...

oh yeah! thanks for the link!

Courtney said...

Yah! I made the blog (iphone one)! I'm really likin' this. I love seeing how creative everyone is.

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