Thursday, March 10, 2011

List 10: Wishlist

Hello everyone! How are you doing?! It is almost Friday! Thank goodness.
Today's list is fun, and interesting. I realized I don't have many wishes right now, and I am not taking that as a bad thing, I am going to to think of it as I am content. <3

On this list is:
1.To get really good at Arabic.
2. Go to Egypt for the TEFL Certificate.
3. Sparkly TOMS.
4.Learn how to have alone time.
5. Ipod
6. A study bible
**notice my numbers are in arabic :)**


Anonymous said...

I'm good at this one.... I have lots of wishes ;)

no said...

#4 - i need to work on too.

Campfire Chic said...

I almost bought black sparkly TOMS for my birthday! I decided to go with the olive ones instead :D

French Cannes Cannes said...

I thought this would be difficult but then, well - wishing for things wasn't so hard after all..hahaha (what does that say about me??!)

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