Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Your Take on List #9

Here are some of your favorite sites!

I made it through 180 of your Flickr uploads this morning, I am loving all the comments left by others and hope you check back on your photos for those little love notes! 

Also, please remember to post the 30 Days of Lists button on your blog, after this challenge is over, it will be a great ice-breaker for all of us if we know where we've 'met' before :)

Lastly, I love reading the tweets you are posting on Twitter! Be sure to use the hashtag #30Lists so we can see it show up in our search bars! You may get a response you weren't expecting/some loving RTs!

Love, Kam


Stephie C said...

Ooh I (pear_fairy) am famous :) yayyy thanks for posting mine ;) I am on a mission to get caught up today/tonight so I am right on track.

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