Wednesday, March 16, 2011

List 16: Places to See in Your Town with Mal of Sunday Morning Sugar

Kam here with today's list prompt. I personally love visiting new cities/towns. I spend lots of time online asking people for places to visit, researching hikes, and scouting out hole-in-the-wall gems that may otherwise not be mentioned in main travel books/websites. I also believe that every town has something special to offer and a story to share.

Prompt 16: Places to See in Your Town

Today, we have Mal of Sunday Morning Sugar with us to share her list for today's prompt!

 Hello hello!

When Justine first announced this project on her blog, I was thrilled.  I am an avid list-maker and I really don’t have enough time to participate with all of the art journaling projects.  List-making on the other hand, I’m a champ.

I live in Chicago and I think that I live in the best place around (except in the winter!) so there are really a lot of things to do in this town.  Here’s my list…

In case you can’t read the writing, it says:

-The Bean
-Willis Tower
-John Hancock Building
-Water Tower
-Millennium Park
-Navy Pier
-Buckingham Fountain
-Art Institute
-Museum of Science and Industry
-Museum of Natural History
-Wrigley Field
-Tribune Tower

What is there to see in your town?  I listed a lot of the tourist hot spots but my real favorite thing to do in Chicago is eat.

I can’t wait to see your lists :).  Thanks so much for having me.



Lauren said...

oh this is going to be hysterical for my town..

- prisons
- trailer park
- the storage center
- ollie's

Unknown said...

I'm proud of myself because, when I went to Chicago, I did most of these things.

I like this list because I can go check out everyone else's and get some travel ideas!

beth said...

I also live in chicago and my favorite thing to do is eat!

French Cannes Cannes said...

I want to visit chicago!

Anonymous said...

I want to go! :D

I do love my Pittsburgh though -

Anonymous said...

My town is lame, but the nearby cities of Orlando and Tampa are awesome!

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