Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Your Take on Lists 12-16

Here is your take on prompt 16:

Amy, Justine, and I have been so blown away by your lists that we skipped our favorite part...posting them! And nobody's called us out on it? Hmmm, well, here are some examples of your lists for prompts 12-15:

List 12: Weekly Rituals
Rock Star Crafter

List 13: DIYs I Want to Try

List 14: Things I Love About...
Dolly Wog

List 15: On Your Shopping List


These photos were found the 30 Days of Lists Flickr group. If you have not uploaded your photos to the group, please try to find the time to do so. We enjoy visiting your blogs to take a peek at your pages, but having them all in one magical place would be...well, magical!


Unknown said...

Hey that's my list! YAYYY! (beccanicole05... except the link doesn't work. Oops! Here's the right one:

Anonymous said...

Wow, my list is on there! There have been so many amazing collages, scrapbook pages and sweet lists, I would fill up so much space sharing my favourites.

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