Thursday, March 17, 2011

List 17: Words That are Hard to Spell.

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
I have always wanted to visit Chicago on St. Patty's day, and of course, Ireland. I am Irish, but I never really celebrate. 
Is anyone doing anything super fun?

Well, about our 17th list.. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT'S ALREADY THE 17th LIST! We are almost done :(

This was an easy/fun list to do, and it gets you thinking about all those words you might hate, like me!

Do you have any of the same words as me? Don't make fun of my words! :)

*There's over 1200 photos on in the flickr pool! (I am awful at uploading my photos, it is my goal to spend 2 hours on flickr this weekend)


beth said...

I hate definitely!!!

I will never forget how to spell it because in college I gave one of my guy friends a birthday card and the first thing he said after he read it was, "you spelled definitely wrong." thanks, dude. I spelled it definately.

melydia said...

Occurrence and descendant are both tough for me. I finally learned how to spell definite when I realized its root word was finite. Those long-I sounds remind me every time. :)

dianapantz said...

some words are so tricky!

Katie said...

I love that you showed which words you really have trouble with, by misspelling them. So awesome! :-)

Anonymous said...

For once I didn't have to worry about spelling!

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