Friday, March 18, 2011

List 18: Road Trip Must-Haves featuring CaL

Hello there,

I'm CaL from Boardwalk To Eden & I am so excited to share my list for today with you since I am, in fact, on a road trip this very minute. Heading up to San Francisco to see blog friends, of course!

When Kam asked me to participate in the 30 Days of Lists challenge I was so jazzed. Listing things just so happens to be my strong point when it comes to writing, designing, creating, decision making. Pretty much anything I can make a list for, I will.

Because my writing is sloppy & small, here's what's on that list:

1. favorite v-neck.
2. shorts.
3. favorite hoodie.
4. TOMS.
5. duffel bag.
6. water.
7. chex mix.
8. carmex.
9. iPhone.
10. sunglasses.
11. camera.
12. destination.
13. FUN.

Basically, comfort is key when you plan to be on the road for an extended period of time. Take, for example, my trip today where I'll be on the road for about 8 hours. Water & snacks are important because stopping along the way is a pain. Carmex is always good in case you want to let the wind hit you in your face without getting cracked up lips. Sunglasses are a must for any glaring highway. My camera is my baby, it's a G11 & will be documenting my trip. & because I am sort of weird with numbers & such, I made a number 13 - have fun! Don't let the long hours on the road get you down. Embrace the serene beauty of the open road! Play some music & smile!

Happy list-making bambinos!



nova said...

I love my G11 too! It comes everywhere.

Unknown said...

Chex Mix is one of my favorite driving partners :D
And carrots

Anonymous said...

I love road trips. I think I should take more of them.

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