Saturday, March 19, 2011

List 19: Recipes to Try

It's Kam again! Hi. I can't believe it's the end of the week already. I hope you had a good one, Spring is right around the corner! Yay :)

My mouth was watering the entire time I wrote up my list for today. How could it not be watering when today's prompt involves yummy food?

Prompt 19: Recipes to Try

My stomach is rumbling.

I'm pretty domestically challenged, but I can make a few quality meals without the use of a recipe...macaroni and cheese (no, not Blue Box), cheese or chicken or veggie enchiladas, breakfast burritos (with soysauge or turkey bacon), pizza, and a few other small dishes. Nothing to boast boyfriend says I have the tastes of a homeless four-year-old so that tells you what I like to eat ;)

What do you want to learn how to make? 
Any recipes floating around your junk drawer? 
A whole e-mail folder dedicated to recipes 
your friends send your way? Maybe a folder for all your 
bookmarks? Let's hear them!


Melissa Lynn D said...

I have a collection of probably almost 50 recipes to try. I've started committing to trying one each week, or I'd NEVER get through them! :)

Chris said...

Ohh... Making thhis list make me extremely hungry! Guess that's what happens when I skip breakfast.

Anonymous said...

just a suggestion. Can you put the Flicker link in each days post? I can never find the link.. thanks

Campfire Chic said...

The direct link is in the left-hand side bar, but we'll try to remember to include it in each post from now on :)

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