Saturday, March 19, 2011

Your take on Lists 17-19

Here are some highlights of lists found through the 30 Days of Lists Flickr Group. I had to laugh, there were a few lists I wanted to share, but they're protected! Sneaky, sneaky. You'll have to go take a look for yourself :)

List 17: Words that are hard to spell

Kelly Morrison
I couldn't help but laugh (and be jealous!) when I read the above list! 
Spelling Bee champ, perhaps?

Mandy A Curtis

List 18: Road Trip Must-Haves
Rock Star Crafter
Dolly Wog

List 19: Recipes to Try
Michelle Lamey
Angelina Dawn
Pear Fairy

How is everybody doing? Are you still having fun?
Guess what! There is another giveaway (or two) coming 
up soon. Stick with this, we're over halfway there :D

P.S. Does anybody else feel like you're clicking the little 'favorite' star a million times while going through the group? You are all so incredibly inspiring and creative! I got behind in commenting on each photo and wake up each day to see that even more photos have been posted to the group! There are so many of you, and I'm totally loving it :) Thank you for participating. I know Amy and Justine are equally thrilled at the response to this project, and it means a lot to us that you've stuck around. 


Katie said...

Loving the lists, even though I don't get to do one everyday, I enjoy seeing how creative everyone is with theirs.

Unknown said...

someone sent me here from twitter when I asked for suggestions for something new and fun to read and I must say I love it!!! I'm a list maker but I never thought to discuss those ridiculous lists with anyone else. I feel some blog posts coming on. Thanks for the inspirations and giggles :)

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