Wednesday, March 23, 2011

List 23: Guilty Pleasures

I'm lucky I use such small sheets of's list could go on for...well, days!  I enjoy some pretty silly things...eating ice cream straight from the carton, changing the metric on my Google Analytics so I am shown a graph with positive movement, favoriting things on Etsy I know I'll never buy, yelling at the people on House Hunters for not choosing a home based on the dumbest things...On a rare occasion I'll be too ashamed to admit that I like something that I know most people don't like, but I am usually pretty outspoken when it comes to my guilty pleasures.

List 23: Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasure: something pleasurable that induces a usually minor feeling of guilt. Something that brings pleasure but is considered taboo, unadvisable or lowbrow. First known use, 1907. (Merriam-Webster, Wiktionary)

Confession: That's my bathroom. I'm in my pajamas. 
If you can't read my list, here is what I wrote:
  • A spoonful of nutella
  • Spam (the food)
  • Jersey Shore (tomorrow is Jersday!)
  • RAW (as in wrestling)
  • Dark chocolate anything
  • Jack in the Box tacos
  • McDonald's orange 'soda'
  • Movie/TV show marathons (House/L&O:SVU)
  • Collecting 4square badges ('checking in' in general!)
  • Cussing
  • IZZE drinks (written on the back of an IZZE carton)
  • Leggings as pants
  • EMU boots
I could go on, but that seems excessive. 

What is on your list?

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Frau S said...

Ha! Great list! I'm definitely going to have to include McDonald's "orange" and wrestling in mine as well. ;

Moe said...

hahahahaa...who knew she could tacos so well while driving? I love this list...mine could go on forever too!!

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