Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Your Take on Lists 20-23

List 20: Celebrity Crushes


List 21: Things to do This Spring
Seona Mc

List 22: Today I Saw...
far from the mocking world
Coffin Confections

List 23: Guilty Pleasures
Michelle Lamey
Just a reminder! These photos are coming from the Flickr group

Also, there's still time (10PM Pacific Time) to enter the Boygirlparty giveaway!

I don't want to give too much away, but keep listing, 
there is something exciting coming up next week!


Holly F. said...

Ahhh, what's the surprise?! I'm a terrible waiter.

Jocelyn said...

Hi there! I have been playing along, on my striped notebook. My entries are nothing as creative or as colourful as these ones you feature on the blog though.

I just wanted to know, since this has been such a great success, if you plan to continuing this from now on? I reckon there will be a few hundred bloggers/listers out there who would be lost on March 31st because they have no list to complete. Myself included btw. I have already decided to conitnue this, making up new topics for myself, but if you decide to continue then count me in.

Thanks, ladies for the wonderful company so far. You are all perfect!

Nicole Coffin said...

Yay! Thanks for featuring me. This project has been so much fun!!

Lori W said...

hey! that's me!! :) thanks for a great project, gals!! :)

Morgan said...

Yay! I am honored to be featured. I really enjoy doing this!

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