Thursday, March 24, 2011

List 24: I Make Lists For:

DISCLAIMER- My camera is MIA, so this photo was taken on my phone, and it's awful, I hope you forgive me!

OK, well this is a fun one! What do you like to make lists for! You know we all do, since we are doing this project :) I used to collect all my lists I made and I would staple them into a cute journal that I would turn into a planner, because I feel like I have never bought a planner that suits all my needs, so I always create my own. Do you feel me on that? Or am I crazy?
(Can I just say I cannot believe we are on list 24! I feel like it was just yesterday when Kam emailed Amy and I about this, and that was in January!)

I love being able to just make lists, everyday for something new. Have any  of you used one of the Listography books? I see them a lot, but I don't know if they are worth the money, let a girl know if you have bought one! :)


dianapantz said...

i have both the love listography and the original.
i think they are great, and super fun.


Lauren said...

I've recently joined this little blog, and absolutely love it!!!
Me and my list making aren't such a great couple anymore, but I try to do it as often as I can.
Though why I wanted to comment was I used to make all sorts of dream lists and things that I want and so on way back when, and that was also when I discovered the Listography book at Urban Outfitters years ago. Back then I did it all the time, and that book was so much fun to me. I recommend it, especially when your bored or you have some friends over and you want to have some fun. I totally just grabbed it out and I think I'm going to start up list-making again!! You've inspired me :)
Sorry this is such a long comment!
-Lauren :)

Janine said...

I make lists for blog post, goals and everyday things that need to be done. I bought the ILene Seagrove lists books "List Yourself" and more "list Yourself" a few years ago and loved them. I found them inspirational with some of their list ideas.

I am another one who found your blog just last week and wish I had found it earlier so I could have taken part in your challenge.

justine. said...

Thank you guys for letting me know about the listography books!! <3

Sarah said...

I liked this one a lot! ♥

Blogged it over here:

French Cannes Cannes said...

Lists rock my world :-)

Kaisha said...

I just got a brand new "listography: my life in list's" book for my birthday! I can't wait to start it, but of course I will have to finish this little list challenge first. You'd be pleased to know that you ladies have come up with some prompts that the book hardly touches on! Looking forward to the last few lists.

Also, thanks for using my list featuring a photo of my kitty in yesterday's "Your Take"... she is such a special lady x

Nicole Coffin. said...

I hope you find your camera soon!

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